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10 decorating ideas to personalize any room in the house

We all want to have a house that looks like us! So to make a decoration in our image, here is an overview of the tips and decorative accessories that allow us to personalize each room of the house: from the sticker to the headboard through digital printing, walls and the floors are dressed in very decorative supports.

The headboard

Essential to stage your bed: upholstered backsplash, adhesive headboard, cushions on rod, bamboo rod, in wallpaper , the headboard has only one limit: your imagination. Our selection: Visual Impostures by Christophe Koziel – like a padded headboard, Haussmanian decor or panoramic wallpaper, but also adhesive headboards from Graham and Brown.

Digital printing

On fabric, the photographs are printed on large format canvas, lampshades, screens, cushions, armchairs … Reserved for the kitchen and the bathroom, the digital printing on tiling is bluffing: XXL decorations are displayed on the walls ! 

Decorative letters

Large format in kraft or zinc, we hang them to create the words we want. Some models are even available in the format of wooden Scrabble letters, to let your imagination run wild. In the form of stickers, messages are displayed on the walls of the kitchen in particular or in the children’s room.

XXL stickers

Giant formats for stickers which then become real wall coverings. A striking trompe-l’oeil effect which also makes it possible to clearly delimit the spaces. Practical if you want to define an office area in a large living room, or to create a separation in a room shared by your children.

The stretch ceiling

Clever for concealing a damaged or cracked ceiling , the stretch ceiling is a PVC canvas which is stretched by heating on rails. Our selection: glossy plain stretch ceilings from Newmat.

An original splashback

The part of the wall that separates the worktop from the wall units is adorned with original coverings: slate for writing, zinc, plexiglass, tiles with integrated hooks. The kitchen lends itself to the game of decorating with tips. Our selection: Le Grand Cirque splashbacks which are easy to install adhesive splashbacks. Ideal if you are a tenant or don’t feel like doing a lot of work.

Vinyl floors

There is plenty to do in terms of patterns, colors and imitation. PVC plays the trompe-l’oeil by imitating wood, tiles, waxed concrete, parquet. It is very successful “true false”. It is also very practical in the children’s room! Our selection: vinyl flooring in imitation parquet flooring and PVC flooring found in DIY stores.

Decorative plasters

Perfect for creating atmospheres that add effect to the wall. These coatings are based on natural minerals, such as lime, quartz crystal or marble powder for example, which gives them so many different renderings. It is also a good idea to decorate the children’s room. 

Paints and resins for floors

For an immediate effect, and today more durable, the floor paints allow to put to our taste without breaking everything a floor without personality. 

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