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Month: June 2020


The decoration of an environment is your soul. An empty and unattractive room loses its coolness and monotony and comes to life after a beautiful makeover. A little knowledge and creativity are enough to transform unsightly spaces into a cozy and inspiring place using unexpected objects in the decoration.

When decorating, there are no rules about what can and cannot …

6 ideas for a vintage and irresistible bathroom

The vintage bathroom is elegant, warm and comfortable. She juggles styles and eras to comfort you and allow you to relax in a gentle atmosphere. Did you know that it is possible to make the room even more welcoming and captivating? Discover our 6 ideas for an irresistible retro bathroom!

1. Divert an old piece of furniture in the bathroom

How to decorate in Quarantine

Everyone already knows the importance of staying at home during the quarantine. What a lot of people are discovering, after some time of isolation, is that being indoors all the time can be very difficult.

If you are suffering from isolation, have you ever thought that the problem may be at home? Small spaces, poorly occupied, without personality, or with …

Meet some essential items for your home decor

Purchasing a home is a great way to start building equity. After all, the tendency is for the property to appreciate, which helps to build a plan B in case of financial difficulties. In the same way, everyone is proud to live in a place that is, in fact, their own.

The Brazilian’s dream of acquiring his own home also …

Find out how to design a champion decoration for your home

Decorating is an important attitude that should be properly organized in all houses. As much as it includes spending time and money, worrying about the home is extremely rewarding and is something that directly affects the well-being of residents. 

Some small items can, with a certain special touch, make your decoration stand out and make it more modern! The furniture …