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When it comes to decorating environments,  paintings have a prominent place. No wonder, after all, this element allows you to compose spaces of different styles, bringing a touch of good taste, elegance, and personality, according to the way you decide to use them.

We brought 4 ways to decorate with paintings for you to be inspired and leave your home even more with your face. Come on?

1. Use alignment techniques

The way you align the frames in an environment greatly influences the effect that the decoration will have.

If you have, for example, three paintings of the same size, you can place them next to each other forming a horizontal line, right in the middle of the wall of a narrow corridor, this helps to give a sense of spaciousness.

Now, if you fill a wall with a mix of square, rectangular and oval frames, creating a large mosaic, this helps to make a central point in the decoration, making the environment more fun and relaxed.

In short, choose the wall you want to decorate and play with the possibilities of alignment before installing the support. For this, it is worth gluing some sheets with tape to have a preview of how the pictures can look.

It is worth saying that each painting must have a minimum distance of at least 5 cm from each other, so that each one can be appreciated in its individuality, instead of getting lost in a mess of images.

2. Play around with the frame options

From minimalist frames to the most romantic ones, carved in wood and full of details, or smooth. In metal, glass, iron, in different shapes and sizes, the frames are a separate case when it comes to decorating with paintings, as the options are numerous.

If you choose several black and white arts, you can allow yourself to be creative with the colors of the frames. If the art is abstract with vivid colors, you may prefer a smooth frame that brings attention to the painting itself.

Now, if you think about decorating with landscape painting, you can make the most of the frames full of details. The important thing here is to realize that the decoration with pictures is 50% the painting and 50% the frame. With the right combination, it is possible to give a new look to the environment.

3. Combine colors when decorating with frames

Many wonders if it’s cool to hang pictures on colored walls or have wallpaper applied. Of course, it is! Especially if you combine the colors contained in the pictures with the wall painting.

However, it depends on the effect you want to have. You can use colors that are contrasting or in harmony with the color palette, creating a “tone on tone” effect, for example or using complementary colors.

If you use a wallpaper with a realistic texture, such as bricks,  wood, or stones, for example, this allows you to abuse creativity in combinations.

However, if you do not want to conflict with these two elements, you can group them on an opposite or sidewall that is painted with strong colors, choosing a painting that has the same color in its details. This game leaves the environment, at the same time, very harmonious and modern.

4. Mix posters and pictures

Combining different arts and different types of decorative paintings can give a different effect on the environment. The mixture of posters, pictures, panels,  plates, photographs, or even mirrors can create a great composition. The secret is not to be afraid to merge.

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