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Discover ways to use wood to decorate your home

Decorating the house is a practice that concerns both the aesthetics of your home and the organization of the environment. This means that even when adopting a specific style of decoration, the personality of the residents is transmitted by its decoration.

For this impact, the decoration can transform the environment, making it more harmonious, pleasant, and functional. For this there …

Dress up your bathroom with colorful accessories

Breathe life into your bathroom with colorful accessories

The bathroom is a room in the house that you go to at least several times a day. Suddenly, when the decor of this room – often small in size and often painted all in white – doesn’t thrill you any more than that, the little trips to the bathroom rhyme with …


When it comes to decorating environments,  paintings have a prominent place. No wonder, after all, this element allows you to compose spaces of different styles, bringing a touch of good taste, elegance, and personality, according to the way you decide to use them.

We brought 4 ways to decorate with paintings for you to be inspired and leave your home …

How to decorate the windowsill

Why dress up your window sills?

Window sills, whether indoors or outdoors, are often forgotten spaces. And yet they represent a large enough space to create or complete its decoration. Instead of leaving them abandoned, why not transform them into a mini library, a mini urban garden or even a shelf?

Dress the exterior windowsills

If you have a window …

See 5 decorating trends for your home in 2020

The decoration business is constantly changing, and with 2019 coming to an end, it’s time to start looking for ideas for the next decoration project in your home.

Some topics such as colors, technology, sustainability, customization, and personal touch will govern decoration trends in 2020.

And so that you can prepare and be inspired, let’s talk about the 5 decoration …