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Dress up your bathroom with colorful accessories

Breathe life into your bathroom with colorful accessories

The bathroom is a room in the house that you go to at least several times a day. Suddenly, when the decor of this room – often small in size and often painted all in white – doesn’t thrill you any more than that, the little trips to the bathroom rhyme with depression … and it gets complicated! But do not despair: whether you have a knack for DIY or not, decorating your bathroom in style without getting wet is possible … and especially thanks to the colorful accessories. The editor takes stock and tells you all about the colors to adopt according to the style you are looking for.

Pastel-colored accessories for a romantic bathroom

Already present in our interiors – especially for aficionados of the Scandinavian or Nordic style – pastel colors are ideal for a bathroom with a romantic spirit. Indeed, whether you opt for blue, green, pink or pastel yellow , these soft, soothing and relaxing colors are ideal for creating a cocoon spirit, especially in a small bathroom. For a bathroom decorated in pastel tones, remember that:

If you want to furnish a room that is above all trendy, you should instead opt for blue, green or pastel pink accessories on graphic patterns.

If you prefer to create a small, 100% romantic boudoir, consider combining bathroom linen, bath rugs and a pastel shower curtain with baroque-style accessories such as a large carved mirror for example.

Green accessories for a natural bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place for a moment of rest and relaxation (especially if you are lucky enough to have a nice bathtub in your bathroom!). So that your showers, your hand washes and your makeup touch-ups turn into real getaways in the heart of the woods, no hesitation possible: opt for a color chart inspired by nature. And for a natural decor worthy of the name, the color that will dominate in your bathroom is obviously … green , reminiscent of grass, leaves, plants, trees.

And with all the shades of green that exist on the palette, you will have plenty to please you! So hang khaki bath towels on a pretty wooden ladder, adorn your white sink with a soap dish and olive green storage boxes, put a water green bath mat on the floor … all tastes are allowed. To accentuate this natural side, do not forget to slip a few touches of wood into the decor of the room, in particular thanks to pretty woven baskets.

Finally, do not hesitate to bring nature directly into the room by arranging some  green plants suitable for the bathroom. 

Brightly colored accessories for a pop bathroom

If you want to recharge your batteries as soon as you step into your bathroom and you like colors and dynamic atmospheres, let yourself be tempted by the bathroom version pop  ! To do this, it’s simple: dare the acidulous and bright colors (apple green, electric blue, lemon yellow, fuchsia pink, raspberry red, etc.), and decline them on all the accessories you want : your mirror, your bath mats, your shower curtain, your storage boxes … and even your toothbrush!

Be careful, however: for a harmonious decor, remember that:

To avoid saturating the room, consider alternating colors, geometric patterns and retro-inspired accessories.

If your room is really very small, avoid mixing too many bright colors.

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