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Importance of staying at home during the quarantine- Home Decor

Everyone already knows the importance of staying at home during the quarantine. What a lot of people are discovering, after some time of isolation, is that being indoors all the time can be very difficult.

If you are suffering from isolation, have you ever thought that the problem may be at home? Small spaces, poorly occupied, without personality, or with improvised decoration can contribute a lot to the discomfort inside the home. Since most people spent all day outside the home, many are now discovering various problems within it.

The good news is that you don’t have to move: there are ways to transform your environments practically, without breaking the isolation. See now how decoration can help you face the quarantine with more disposition and well-being, differently and innovatively!

Improve space organization

If you live in a small apartment, you may be suffering from a lack of space. It’s amazing how the room seems to have shrunk after a while without leaving the house! Also, you may have noticed that that modern, compact kitchen was not designed to cook every day. To improve space in your home, you can do two things:

change the arrangement of the furniture;

better organize environments.

To start, see everything essential for you: spend a few days looking at furniture and objects that make a difference in your day-to-day and those that you don’t even touch. Is that coffee table in your living room really useful? Do you use all the cups, plates, and utensils in your kitchen?

Now, it’s time to change! You can donate furniture that you don’t use or simply move it around. This will open space in your environment and bring more breadth. Or maybe you conclude that something is missing in your space: an armchair in the living room or a bench on the balcony can bring more coziness and improve the use of these environments.

Home Office Space

Also, think about the demands of your new routine: If you are working from home, you can invest in the home office space. Even though it is small, you can make this corner very practical and cozy. Also bet on environments of relaxation and fun, especially if you used to have fun outside the home.

Space for fun

If you love cinema, make your living room perfect for a session at home, with rugs, pillows, and a blackout curtain. For a change, turn your balcony into a space to enjoy with the family, or even to relax alone. Even your room can be more useful and cozy, with special lighting and a corner for reading, meditation, and yoga.

Bring functionality to your decor

To improve the organization, try to separate objects by use and prioritize those you use the most. Shelves and niches on the wall are great tips, as they free up space and keep objects in view.     

Change the energy of the environment

Make use of colors

The first is to add more color in environments: paint the walls, apply paper adhesive, hanging pictures, and perfect in the prints, and fabrics will leave the new face of the home.

Use the colors according to the energy you want to give to space. For example, you can bring more vibrancy to the room using yellow, green, and warm colors, while preferring a more peaceful atmosphere in the room, with pastel colors and cool colors.

If you want to make any environment cozier, use blankets, pillows, rugs, and curtains.

Abuse more of the green of plants

Another surefire tip is to place plants, which always warm-up and bring life to space. Taking care of plants is a therapeutic activity highly recommended to reduce anxiety and loneliness. So, you can combine the useful with the pleasant!


Speaking of them, another valuable tip to energize the house is to use aromas: use the plants also to leave a pleasant smell in the air, with species that have aromatic leaves and flowers. Or use scented candles and essences, choosing different scents for each room.

Leave the house to your face

It is never too late to leave the decoration with your style. Use all the tips we gave here to choose pieces that match each other and also with your home. Choose colors and prints carefully, in addition to objects and decorative pieces.

Leave the space with more personality, incorporating something you like in the decor. Do you play an instrument? Surf? Do you have a collection? Let everything show. Also use photos, travel memories, and objects of sentimental value, to let your environment tell your story.

Do you like arts and crafts? Enjoy free time to do things for your homes, such as vases, small bookcases, or even a beautiful painting. Nothing can have more personality than objects and pieces made by you.   

Count on professional help online 

If you identified with this article, loved the tips but don’t know where to start, know that it is possible to hire professional help in full quarantine. And you don’t have to wait for the isolation to finish before starting the transformation: you can do everything online, from conversations with the architect to shopping!

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