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How to decorate the windowsill

Why dress up your window sills?

Window sills, whether indoors or outdoors, are often forgotten spaces. And yet they represent a large enough space to create or complete its decoration. Instead of leaving them abandoned, why not transform them into a mini library, a mini urban garden or even a shelf?

Dress the exterior windowsills

If you have a window sill wide enough, you will be able to create an accumulation of flower pots in which you will vary the plantings. This is the opportunity to create an easy-to-access mini vegetable garden . You can plant radishes, salad, cherry tomatoes or even strawberries in these pots. They are easy to grow fruits and vegetables even without having a garden. They do not require a lot of maintenance, nor to have a large space.

If you don’t want to clutter up the window, you can simply cover the window sill with a strip of synthetic grass for a very natural effect. This brings a touch of greenery to your exterior without having to worry about weather conditions or seasons.  

If you have a window railing, install a planter that will allow you to plant a few flowers or create a small aromatic garden. Many suitable systems allow you to secure them without worrying about the planters falling out. However, be sure to bring in your plantings in the event of a storm or cold snap, otherwise your crops will be lost due to climatic hazards.

Finally when the holidays come, don’t hesitate to run a light garland specially designed for the outdoors for a very festive window. Many fairy lights work with a system of LED or solar lights, which do not need to be connected to an electrical outlet.

Dress the interior windowsills

If you don’t have the option of decorating your window sill outside, you may be able to do it indoors!Thanks to macrame suspensions, you can even install hanging plants, in pots. However, be sure to make the right choice when it comes to plants. Choose plants that tolerate direct sun and heat exposure. Cacti are particularly suited to this location.

Inside, you can also afford an accumulation of vases or statuettes, keeping in mind that you will have to move them to open the window. In a very hygge spirit, you can also install one or more candles that you will light in the evening, to illuminate your interior while creating a magical and cocooning decoration.

If you have closed windows, which you don’t need to open, you can also use the ledges as mini shelves. You can then install books, trinkets or even imposing decorative elements such as paintings or framed posters. For this last option, it is rather possible on large windows, to avoid blocking the light.

In a bedroom, the window can even become a headboard! This is also a trend spotted on Instagram: installing your bed with your back to the window, to enjoy the brightness of the room without being blinded in the morning. You can then place a bedside lamp, your alarm clock, your smartphone charger or decorative elements on your interior window sill.

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