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The decoration of an environment is your soul. An empty and unattractive room loses its coolness and monotony and comes to life after a beautiful makeover. A little knowledge and creativity are enough to transform unsightly spaces into a cozy and inspiring place using unexpected objects in the decoration.

When decorating, there are no rules about what can and cannot be used as part of the decoration. Any piece can become a decorative object, just a little imagination!

In this post, we will show you how to use some unexpected objects in the decoration. You will be surprised at what can be done with those “junk” that is thrown around your house!

Explore the many uses of the wooden crate

Do you know those boxes of fruit used in fairs? Usually, they are made of raw wood with no finish, which makes many people think that they are useless for carrying anything.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. A little sandpaper, spray paint, and a varnish transforms the box into a beautiful piece for decoration. It can be used as a magazine rack, compose low corner tables, or be fixed to the wall to become a kind of niche. There are a thousand ways to use a fair box, either alone or with a few more, its simple style gives a charm to the environments. 

Want a tip? Add about 5 boxes and make them your kitchen wall cabinets. The result is incredible and helps to compose a rustic look for the environment.

The use of crates is all over the house, you can use this object in several ways.

Open the sewing box

Tired of keeping that infinity of buttons that will never be used? Then prepare some hot glue and get to work. Buttons can be attached to different objects to create a fun and colorful look. It is possible to use them as part of artistic composition, for example, a painting or a frame. 

Throw the dishes on the wall

Yes, you did not read it wrong. It’s time to put your plates out of the cupboard. Use the most beautiful porcelain pieces you have at home to compose a mosaic on your wall. Just fix a small hook behind the dishes with a little epoxy putty and put a nail in the wall. 

The style of the mosaic is “to the customer’s taste”, but the result is always something much better than a bunch of beautiful dishes accumulating dust inside a cupboard!

You can make a collection of different dishes and styles that you like, have you ever thought how cool it is?

Shake the messy room

Everyone has a space at home that is dedicated to storing that bunch of things that haven’t been used for a long time. The junk corner is the best place for you to get inspired! In addition to being a way to reuse objects, you help to clean your deposit a little. 

Want examples of objects that can take on a new life? Then see some ideas!

Bicycle wheel

Use the wheel of an old bicycle as support for sticker topped the. The result is a very modern table, ideal for teenagers’ rooms or offices.


To ensure a more hipster and cool environment, bet on the bike and let it be part of the decor.

Bicycles are used in the famous New York lofts, how about bringing this more industrial decoration to your home?


Take an old cage and place it as a support for a light and that’s it: you have a different lamp!


If you have some old frames at home, try to fix them in front of wooden niches to create a very unusual look. 


A headboard for children or even a double bed can be reused as a wooden panel. Depending on the model of the headboard, it is possible to find other functions, such as transforming the piece into a  wall coat rack.

You can use a pallet to make a headboard or dare and create your tailor.

These are some tips for using unexpected objects in your home decor! Remember that there is no right or wrong, just a little creativity to achieve incredible results!

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