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Meet some essential items for your home decor

Purchasing a home is a great way to start building equity. After all, the tendency is for the property to appreciate, which helps to build a plan B in case of financial difficulties. In the same way, everyone is proud to live in a place that is, in fact, their own.

The Brazilian’s dream of acquiring his own home also means that he spares no effort to transform the property into the home of his dreams.

Because of this, it is normal to invest time and money in the elaboration of a decorative project worthy of a magazine cover.

The best way to do this is to have a professional in the field, who knows all the techniques and knows suppliers. But what many people do not imagine is that there are several ways to decorate your home with some simple but indispensable items.

Thinking about it, we separated 4 essential items in the decoration of your home. Check out!

Planned cabinets

The lack of large areas available in large cities has meant that construction companies are increasingly investing in vertical projects.

More than that, they start to design smaller and smaller units, so that the projects are more profitable.

For residents, this means that newer property rooms are getting smaller and smaller.

Consequently, every inch of space has to be used wisely. Planned furniture is one of the best ways to do this.

Designed to fit the space they will occupy, they help keep rooms much more organized, without compromising a lot of space.

For example, a laundry cabinet will have dividers for all the materials that need to be stored, which contributes to the functionality of the space.

In that case, all the details can make a lot of difference. Even a marble sill can make the environment much more beautiful.

Items used for thermal comfort

Brazil is a country of great territorial extension. Consequently, the climate can vary widely from one region to another.

Thus, it is necessary to take into account characteristics such as average temperature and rainfall volume to elaborate the decoration of each property.

For example: in the North and Northeast regions, where the heat lasts all year round, a quality air conditioning unit that is well installed is essential.

Another option for heat can be the thermal blanket for the roof, which can be installed in two different ways: on the roof or under the tiles.

In the first alternative, the insulator serves as a reflective material, to reduce the incidence of infrared radiation on the roof, thus reducing the heat absorbed by the building.

Also, cold floors, such as porcelain, are more than welcome. In the South, where temperatures are milder, the concern is to keep the property comfortable even during the winter.

Consequently, it is interesting to have a heater, as well as using materials that make it difficult for heat to escape.

Bet on decorative objects

Souvenirs from family trips, items that reflect the personality of the residents, or even items made by recycling electronics are important to give life to the home. Books, pictures, and pieces of art, for example, fall into this category.

Enjoy the whole environment

In addition to smaller rooms, another consequence of increasingly compact properties is the existence of two spaces in one.

This means that today, it is not uncommon to find a living room connected with the kitchen, or even a service area with the kitchen.

Fortunately, there are partition options to improve the decor without taking up too much space.

One of them is the installation of an alternative model of a glass box for laundry or any other room.

Similar to the model manufactured for bathrooms, it divides the room without consuming much space or compromising the decoration.

Decorate your home with essential items that make all the difference

As we saw in this content, the decoration can have several faces, and the most amazing thing is to use creativity and simplicity.

Bet on cabinets designed for the rooms of your home such as living room, kitchen, and even bedrooms.

Also, use items that will help in the thermal comfort of the environment, always adapting to the region where you live.

Use decorative objects to bring life and personality to the environment, in addition to taking advantage of the entire space of your home in the decoration.

Did you like our tips? Start decorating right now and leave your home the way you’ve always dreamed of.

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