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See 5 decorating trends for your home in 2020

The decoration business is constantly changing, and with 2019 coming to an end, it’s time to start looking for ideas for the next decoration project in your home.

Some topics such as colors, technology, sustainability, customization, and personal touch will govern decoration trends in 2020.

And so that you can prepare and be inspired, let’s talk about the 5 decoration trends for the year 2020, after all, nothing better than starting the year with renewed energy and environments. Check out:

Find out how to make your home modern, cozy, and your face

Of course, there is no need or sense in making major renovations very often, but there are some items that can easily renovate your home. Some decoration trends are here to stay for years and others that are more fleeting.

Some trends emerge to offer comfort and safety, ensuring a comfortable and cozy environment, which is at the same time your face. See below some items that will be on the rise in 2020:


When it comes to sustainability, many people think about reducing energy consumption, water, recycling electronics, among others.

But a major trend for the year 2020 is sustainable decoration. Although many people like to decorate their homes with rustic wooden furniture or other types, sustainable decoration will gain strength this coming year.

Today we see more and more products developed from recycled materials that carry in essence the balance between technology and nature, from furniture, lamps, and panels made from materials dispensed like objects made from bamboo.

Smart equipment

Technology brings more and more innovation and today it is present in any environment used by man. 

In 2020, home automation will become even more real and brings with it the possibility of integrating various motorized equipment.

In this way, they provide much more comfort, practicality, and also a differentiated design to any type of environment. Some items such as touch-activated doors, LED lighting and invisible slides can make a room unique.


The impersonal air of the trend of neutral tones will give way to personalized spaces that will surprise due to the new colors that will be interconnected to neutral tones.

Thinking about it, the search for a timeless style, which does not lose value and beauty over time, without losing simplicity in decoration, will be on the rise.


Some trends that continue or come with everything next year are the division of environments with natural materials.

Items such as wallpaper that resemble nature. In addition to the presence of indoor, vertical, or suspended gardens are essential for the decoration of your home.

Also, objects made of wood, bamboo, stone, wool, and basic colors of nature such as green, blue, and brown will be on the rise to convey the impression of necessary tranquility and well-being and celebrating simplicity as the essence.


A trend that never goes out of fashion, but appears in 2020 is the decoration with glass. Being a very versatile material, it can appear in different environments of the house and different ways.

A form that is very present in modern decoration is glass blasting, which can be found with different textures and figures, making each piece unique.

It is a great option for those who want to combine elegance and modernity, since it combines beauty and security, in addition to providing a lot of styles and good taste.

Stay tuned for decoration trends for next year

In this context, we talk about some trends in the world of decoration for the year 2020 and how some topics will be on the rise this year.

Be inspired by sustainability, using products made from recycled materials, always seeking a balance between technology and nature.

And speaking of technology, today we have some items that give a touch of modernity and elegance to your home, such as doors powered by touch and LED lighting.

In 2020 the neutral tone is combined with vibrant colors, bringing a timeless and very modern style to your home decor.

The use of wallpapers that resemble nature and indoor, vertical, or suspended gardens will give a light touch and that transmits peace to the environment.

Without forgetting the use of glass in the decoration of your home, which will also be on the rise in 2020. As it is a versatile material that adds a lot of elegance and simplicity to the environment, it becomes essential in the decoration.

Did you like tips? Look for inspiration and stay tuned to the news that the world of decoration will bring in 2020 to make your home personalized and your face.

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