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What colors to combine for the walls of your wooden kitchen

Wood is making a big comeback in the kitchen, but it’s not always easy to know which colors will go well with your furniture. Note that wood offers great freedom and that you can choose between natural colors or, on the contrary, very pop. Here are some tips to help you choose.

Natural colors in the wooden kitchen

Wood is a natural material, so it can easily be combined with natural colors! If you are going for a wood kitchen for the layout of your new home, you are making the right choice.

For a very Scandinavian spirit , you will bet on white on the walls but also in accessories and furniture such as the table. White goes very well with light wood (pine, light oak, etc.). You can also opt for mineral shades such as terracotta , beige or gray which are more and more present in Scandinavian decoration. Ditto for blues-grays and mint greens, which have become timeless colors in recent years. 

Note that you can also choose colors such as beige, string, taupe, gray or even chocolate which will give the kitchen a very warm atmosphere . Use these colors on the splashback, the tiles or even on the table linen. Your cuisine will then take on a very natural air with a fairly zen side. Do not hesitate to accentuate the effect by installing plants suitable for humid rooms. 

For an original and elegant kitchen , you can also choose to combine wood with black! Indeed, black will highlight the grain of the wood and give the kitchen a very masculine appearance. Again, do not hesitate to paint a wall, with slate paint for example, and to play with the accessories. Get inspired by the industrial style for this association. You can thus make a mixture of material between wood and raw metal, for example.

If you opt for a natural decoration for your kitchen , it is necessary to have decorative or layout elements that stand out visually. Indeed, if you only use shades close to wood, your kitchen will appear a little bland. So use the splashback, lighting or even crockery to add a few touches of color to your interior.

Pop colors in the wooden kitchen

If you want colors, know that it is also possible when you have a wooden kitchen . Indeed, the warm aspect of wood goes well enough with very warm colors such as red! Small appliances (kettle, coffee maker, toaster, etc.) are increasingly available in colorful versions. 

Note that orange, yellow but also green will harmonize with the wood. If you choose green, you can bring a very natural atmosphere by opting for a shade that is close to the vegetation. As in a Zen kitchen , do not hesitate to accentuate this nature inspiration by installing green plants in the kitchen. Choose varieties that need humidity, such as pothos or ficus.

On the contrary, for a pop aspect , it will be necessary to bet on a more acidulous color. Yellow and orange will give a 70’s touch to your kitchen , if you decide to have vintage elements for the decoration of your kitchen. Also take inspiration from the Mediterranean style to bring yellow into your kitchen. Associated with wood and a pretty blue color, it gives a summer side to your kitchen all year round! 

If you have trouble choosing between several colors, consider cement tiles ! They are composed of several bright colors, which combine perfectly with the wood.

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